Firts QSO whit JA on 160 Meters


On October 7, 2018 at approximately 09:10 UTC I was able to do the first QSO with Japan in the 160 meter band, after a storm damaged the 160 meter antenna a few months ago I decided to repair it and make some improvement in the radials system ,at 23:00 UTC on October 6 began to do CQ to test propagation and the operation of the antenna managed to make about 50 QSO very good signals coming from Europe such as LZ, F, EA, ON, OH0 also North American stations with very good signal one of the best QSOs of the night for me was MD0CCE Isle of Man was a new country for me in 160 meters.

the next day early  I saw on FT8 VY2ZM calling CQ JA in 1840.0 listening in 1908.0 I decided to do the same and try after the second CQ I started receiving answers to my call CQ JA between 09:10 and 10:30 UTC I managed to contact 30 Japanese stations on 160 meters in the FT8 mode.

73 YV1KK


CQ WW RTTY 2018 10 Meters

YV1KKCQWWRTTY2018RAWWith a couple hours of propagation on Saturday and another pair on Sunday only 119 QSOs were possible on the CQ World Wide RTTY 2018 on 10 meters, is the lowest amount of QSOs that I have done in a CQ WW at the start of the contest at 00:00 Saturday I could not make any contact at all 10 meters  almost 18 hours after I started the contest at about 17 UTC I made my first contact with a station in South America one hour after I started making contacts with stations from North Amercia the signals were of 599+ I suppose the propagation was good but very few stations approached to tthe 10 meters band, the next day Sunday all morning I was monitoring the band but nothing at all the propagation opened a little earlier than saturday at 16 UTC I started listening to W5PR CQ after CQ without answering I point my antenna to North America without any hope that I could contact any station in Europe I received a response to my CQ from a station in the Canary Islands, from that moment on i point my antenna to Europe, contact a couple of stations in the Canary Islands, Spain, Italy and a very low signal of 9A1A it was a very lonely weekend in the 10 meter band but still it was enough to be in the first place as announced by the CQ WW RTTY in the RAW Scores.

YV1KK Julio